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Laser Power Meter

Scientech is introducing our new line of calorimeter laser measurement systems utilizing our new intelligent detector technology. Designed to be very robust, these new systems consist of a handheld meter and your choice of thermal detectors including 8mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm aperture models. Also new is our optional field calibration tool which will allow you to easily calibrate these systems without having to send them back to the factory for annual calibrations.

The Astral Series AI310 or AI310D indicators are compact, portable, handheld devices in a rugged, metal case. The AI310 marries both a 4-digit LCD display along with a true analog needle meter movement. The needle makes laser tuning a cinch with no possible misinterpretation of digits. Or you may choose the AI51D which is the digital only version of the AI51. Either meter can be powered by the standard wall mounted power supply/battery charger, the optional USB data interface, or the optional battery. Optional meter accessories include a lithium-poly battery, a non-skid weighted base mounting system, a soft case, a hard sided carrying case, and a USB data interface with drivers.

The Astral Series detectors are available in either surface or volume absorbing models which sport apertures from 8mm to 200mm. The surface absorbing models are ideal for measuring CW lasers while the volume absorbing models are designed for pulsed lasers using either the watts mode or single pulse energy mode. Some large aperture models will measure up to 1000 joules of single pulse energy.

Each detector also comes with a NIST traceable calibration certificate to insure that you are getting the most accurate laser measurement possible. Standard equipment for the detectors includes a 1.27cm diameter x 8.9 cm long mounting post for easy mounting to optical tables. Some models also include an aperture extension for blocking out unwanted environmental light sources. Optional accessories for the detectors include electric substitution heater coils for field calibration, carrying cases, fiber optic adapters, bases, and an isoperibol enclosure for 25mm aperture models when measuring below 30mW.